What are Body Broadcasts?

February 9, 2017


Very simply, what I call body broadcasts are the messages we hear when we turn our awareness inward and tune in to the sensations happening within the body. These sensations are expressions of energy as it flows, congeals, eddies, and otherwise dances through our physical being. Body broadcasts are also what we sense in our bodies as we tune in the field around us--our environment and the people within it. A body broadcast requires energy and a body. One is the transmitter, the other a receiver.  


Energy is the fundamental constant within our universe. Ultimately, each of us began in the incredible burst of life known as the big bang some 13.8 billion years ago. We ourselves are evolving energy and after all these billions of years, energy has evolved an earth and populated it with many life forms. Nietzsche has said that if you stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back at you. Inherent in this philosophical musing is the sense that the abyss can look back at you. The implication is that it has an intelligence all its own. Without going into scientific, religious, or philosophical debates, I am going to simply put forward the idea that, yes, indeed, the energies of the universe do have an intelligence all their own and that they yield their wisdom to us when we engage in embodied listening. 


Embodied listening is meditative practice of tracking energy within and around the body. It requires a capacity to focus and is aided immensely by the cultivation of stillness. There are definable stages of development on the ever-evolving path to skillful engagement with the language of energy. Cracking the grammar of this language is well worth the effort,  because following energy is a powerful core skill that can be applied creatively to every area of your life. These energy messages are being transmitted constantly within our bodies and around us in our environment. Our attention is the receiver. With perception and skill we can literally "tune in" and focus the dial, listen to the braodcast, and come away enlightened, enlivened, and inspired.








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February 10, 2017

What are Body Broadcasts?

February 9, 2017

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All my life I have been drawn to listening. Instinctively there was a sense of much to be gained in the act of opening to receive. Listening was my form of curiosity, and insatiable curiosity still drives my every moment. Curiosity has lured me to many paths and many continents. Love of singing took me to opera houses of Europe. Love of the story made me a new broadcaster. Love of the psyche made me a psychotherapist. Love of life made me a listener. To sing, to sense a good story, to ferret out what heals, to know how to live...all of these human arts require exquisite listening and the ability to translate what we hear.


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