I am passionate about building communities based on embodied wisdom. As a dynamic and experienced speaker and presenter, it would be a joy to create a Body Broadcast experience at your next event. I am also available to help facilitate an introductory body meditation session for your community.


I welcome all questions and comments. Please contact me here.

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microphone in the radio Studio
About Me

All my life I have been drawn to listening. Instinctively there was a sense of much to be gained in the act of opening to receive. Listening was my form of curiosity, and insatiable curiosity still drives my every moment. Curiosity has lured me to many paths and many continents. Love of singing took me to opera houses of Europe. Love of the story made me a new broadcaster. Love of the psyche made me a psychotherapist. Love of life made me a listener. To sing, to sense a good story, to ferret out what heals, to know how to live...all of these human arts require exquisite listening and the ability to translate what we hear.


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