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Biofield Tuning can Change you Life

Imagine you could take your body in for a tune up, just like your car only in a “garage” that checks for frequency quality rather than oil quality. Well, you can. Eileen McCusick is an extraordinary energy practitioner who can provide just such a service. What initially began as a massage practice quickly evolved into an energy healing practice when Eileen McCusick intuitively introduced a tuning fork into one of her sessions. Clients quickly reported that stubborn pain and entrenched physical ailments had improved or disappeared when their sessions included tuning work. Requests poured in for “less massage and more tuning forks.”

Eileen is a naturally curious being with a profound work ethic. She has invested decades of thoughtful work and quality research to streamline her method and give it a scientific frame of reference. What she calls the “biofield” is the measurable energetic matrix surrounding the human body, which she reports holds energetic memory of one’s entire life history all the way back to conception. Pretty wild stuff. Combing through the biofield with vibrating forks, overtones of emotional dissonance can be heard that refer consistently to emotional blocks such as fear, grief, anger, sadness, or even terror. These dense pockets of energy usually refer to past experiences that have not a chance to be processed and cleared. Such uncleared energies are often at the heart of PTSD and other disorders individuals suffer. In a process that bears some similarity to the energetic flow states created by acupuncture needles, the forks tick out a regular, measured, resonant tone slowly bringing these dissonances into resonance. Eileen stresses the importance of giving one’s full attention to the effects happening within the body during the tuning process, as she understands that aware attention acts as the “receiver” of energetic information. McCusick understands that being tuned in while getting tuned up greatly aids the efficacy of the biofield session.

Like all practitioners, Eileen does offer individual sessions. However, what sets her apart are her globally accessible group healing sessions, which she offers in affordable monthly series based on particular areas of the body, such as the adrenals, feet and knees, eyes, etc.... I have experienced many of these sessions and have found them life-changing. Numerous friends in my community of body meditators have signed up for her trainings, as we clearly see the method is effective and helpful. I highly recommend experiencing a Biofield Tuning session.You can experience some of Eileen’s work for free at her website. Search under group sessions to find these free recordings and enjoy!

Check out Eileen Day McCusick’s website and discover her Biofield Tuning work.

Enjoy her Nautilus award-winning book "Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy" where she offers thoughtful research to support her discoveries.

Experience Eileen directly through this You Tube presentation.

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